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Pandagon, Double X, Jezebel, Salon, Slate, even now Huffpo and Vox. Why did they fail (even if some still exist in different corporate form)? The demand from readers is still there (as evidenced by the success of many feminist Substack writers). Was it a subprime bubble of sorts -- they were overvalued, took too much corporate money, the suits messed things up, but the demand is still there, just not as much as the private equity guys thought that there would be? Said differently was it a business model problem, not a content problem?

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I remember when you were an intern at Salon, I was so jealous!

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Okay what about a Feminist Reads Substack kind of like Memoir Monday? Obviously someone would have to curate it but the idea would be that we wouldn't each have to write separate material than our Substacks? We could just link to them? I guess the problem is if the post had a paywall. Anyway, know I am on board to brainstorm how we might be able to solve this considering there is so much great content on Substack but sometimes we don't know how to find it all?

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Hit return too soon...

The Jezabel story reminds me of Sassy Magazine. I remember being sixteen and would read the afternoon I got it, it was so well written and daring. But year by year, they were hit by conservative complaints and then its last year it was just awful. We need to appreciate the good ones when we have them.

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Loved your book WANT ME! Looking for voices echoing the desire, the rage, the NEED for more female voices, for our stories, our history, our experience of Huwomanity!

I’ve read some great books lately and highly recommend yours and a few others:

The Bonobo Sisterhood - Revolution through female alliance

By Diane L. Rosenfeld

On Our Best Behavior - the seven deadly sins and the price women pay to be good

by Elise Loehnen

Rage Becomes Her - the power of women’s anger

By Soraya Chemaly

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